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Next Meeting: Tuesday April 12, 2016  2PM

South Port Square Gables East 2nd floor alcove

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Program Speaker: Kevin Hershey for B.Braun Ostomy Equipment, a company established in Europe and new to USA

*Chance Drawings: Panera Bread $20, Long Horn Steak House $25,

Elena’s 2 free lunches,   6” Subway@ Harbor and 41

                       Charlotte County Ostomy Support Group April Newsletter

Our March meeting was lively and interesting with Valerie Miller, our Convatec rep, presenting all the new items that have been developed in this past year. Ms. Miller agreed to be our speaker with very little notice, and was very much appreciated by us all. The meeting was well attended, but you were missed if you didn’t make it.

Valerie explained that feedback from users of the products is always appreciated, since this is where the ideas for new products originates.

The first barrier produced was stomahesive. Now we also have Durahesive that the urostomates can use with more confidence since it holds up with urine much better than stomahesive.

“Skin protection. It starts with a hug.” Peristomal skin lesions affect approximately 50% of ostomates. Majority of complications are related to leakage. 80% do not seek professional help.

Convatec moldeable technology protects the skin with a gentle hug.

Rebounding Memory Technology provides a custom fit, even during peristalsis, to help prevent leaks day and night.

Turtlenecking provides an additional level of protection against leakage as the adhesive gently swells around the stoma. Skin protection you can trust. In a prospective observational study Convatec Moldeable Tehnology skin barriers greatly reduced the incidence of peristomal skin lesions when compared to cut-to-fit barriers.

They offer outstanding ease of use. No cutting stretching, or guesswork and no exposed skin. Simply roll to size of stoma, apply, and mold forward for a worry free fit every time. In an observational multi center evaluation published in Ostomy Wound Management: 82% of stoma nurses gave this a rating of excellent or very good for effective skin protection. 82% of patient participants felt confident while wearing Convatec moldeable technology skin barriers. 91% of stoma nurse participants would recommend the product to other health care professionals.

Convatec Moldeable Technology skin barriers now with 2 collar options.

Hydrocolloid collar offers secure and gentle performance. 1)Can be used on all patients.  2)Ideal for those with sensitive skin.3) Gentle enough for patients who wish to change skin barriers more often or post operatively.4) Unlikely to cause skin stripping.

Acrylic Collar offers secure performance. 1) Can be used on all patients. 2) Ideal for patients wanting a collar more resistant to environmental moisture. 3) Not recommended for patients with sensitive skin. 4) Recommended for patients who frequently exercise or perspire.

For a sample or to discuss with a WOCN call 1-800-422-8811

Also introduced is Convatec Esteem one piece ostomy system Available with a standard or extended wear skin barrier.

 FILTER: Virtually eliminates odors; keeps the pouch flat; reduces clogging.

COMFORT PANEL: Soft and smooth against the skin; nearly rustle free; Resists water and dries quickly. POUCH SHAPE: Specially cut and welded edges for greater comfort; Streamlined rounded shape; more comfortable fit; Discrete under clothing.

LOCK-IT POCKET: Securely hides away tail; Comfort of a closed end pouch; soft and dry against the skin.

PRODUCT CODE # Printed on pouch for quick identification.

INVISICLOSE TAIL CLOSURE: Soft and smooth against the skin; nearly rustle free; resists water and dries quickly.

WIDER OUTLET For easier draining and cleaning.

COMFORT: Flexible oval shaped barrier molds to the contour of the body; Soft Ccomfort panel material; lock in pocket provides the comfort of a closed pouch; shaped and specially welded edges for a comfort fit.

CONFIDENCE; available with a modified Stomahesive or Durahesive Plus skin barrier that effectively adheres while being gentle to the skin.; Invisiclose tail closure with a strong hook and hook fastener; Lock-It Pocket securely hides away the pouch tail.

DISCRETION: Filter technology that reduces odor, keeps the pouch flat and reduces clogging; rounded shape that is discrete under clothing; Comfort panels are nearly rustle free when worn.

Also new that Valerie spoke about is an accordion flange making it more comfortable when applying a pouch. You don’t have to press on the skin but can slip your fingers under it.

Eakin Seals can hold up to 4x their weight and are a big help as an additional barrier when needed..

A new adhesive appliance presented can be reused many times, as many as 25 times.

No matter what questions you have ME+ is there to help you. Call 1-800-422-8811 Monday to Friday 8:30AM-7:00PM, CIC@convatec.com. There are 22 nurse enterostomal Therapist or WOCNs on staff.

The pouch closures are much more comfortable and secure than those formerly available.

Valerie brought samples of safe and simple peri-stoma cleanser & adhesive remover, and samples of Diamond’s gelling and odour control sachets. You can have samples sent to you if you call the 800+

Valerie also brought “Nutritional Advice and Diet Tips” handouts. This information is always pertinent and I will include as much as we have room for:

After your recovery from surgery you can gradually resume eating a balanced diet, unless your physician requires you to follow a special diet. After surgery high fiber foods can cause blockages in the ileum, which is narrow. Chew your food well to help break it down into smaller pieces, and be sure to drink plenty of fluids. Many healthcare professionals ask you to avoid high fiber foods for six to eight weeks after surgery.

Some high fiber foods that may cause blockages include: celery, Popcorn, Chinese vegetables, coconut, raw pineapple, coleslaw, raisins,(and other dried fruits), mushrooms, nuts and seeds, salad greens, peas, vegetable skins, and relishes.

There is no specific diet required for people with a urostomy. To avoid infections and keep urinary function normal you should drink at least six to eight glasses of fluid daily (48-64 ounces) unless your health care professional gives you different instructions. Some foods cause urine odors, including: Asparagus, fish, eggs, alcohol, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, certain types of cheese, baked beans, broccoli, onions and cabbage.

Buttermilk, parsley, and yogurt help fight odors.

Food is just one of the many things that can affect stoma output. There are no set rules for people with stomas. Having a stoma should not stand in the way of enjoying good food. It just may take a bit of time to find out what works for you.

Here are some general guidelines you may find useful: 1) Eat regularly 2) Drink plenty of fluids, 3) Chew your food well. 4) Enjoy your food and try not to be anxious about it. 5) Talk to your ostomy nurse or a dietitian about vitamin supplements; 5) Try new foods one at a time, in small quantities, so that if there is a problem, you will have an idea what caused it.

Constipation/Diarrhea; Just like before your surgery, at times you may experience constipation or diarrhea. Increasing your fiber and fluid intake should help prevent constipation. Drink more water and fruit juices and include more fruits and vegetables in your diet. Try to eat foods high in fiber, such as whole grain breads and cereals. Diarrhea can be caused by many things including viruses, antibiotics, and some medicines. It can also be a sign of trouble digesting some foods. If food is the problem, you can try to remove fiber and bulk from your diet and eat foods that thicken your stool.

Odor/gas: Try to avoid foods that cause odor, such as: Eggs, Fish, Certain Spices, Asparagus, beer, carbonated beverages, dairy products, onions, cucumbers, mushrooms, beans, and cabbage. Gas producing foods take about six hours to produce gas in a person with a colostomy.

Medicine: After ostomy surgery, the way the body digests and absorbs medicines may be affected. Make sure to review all of your medicines (prescription and over the counter) with your ostomy nurse, health care professional, and pharmacist. These can include Antacids, antidiarrheals, Anti-inflammatory agents, such as Ibuprophen, aspirin, laxatives, salt substitutes, sugar substitutes, such as saccharin, vitamins.

Our April speaker will be introducing to us a company that has just started here in the US in August 2015. He is hoping that it will give the big three some competition. Come and hear all about them and the supplies that they have developed. You are most fortunate to live in the world of today where so much has been developed to make your life more comfortable and secure!

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