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Next Meeting:
Tuesday April 10 2018, 2:00 pm
South Port Square
23023 Westchester Blvd Port Charlotte Fl
Gables East 2nd floor alcove
Safe & Simple Rep


will be our speaker

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Charlotte County Ostomy Support Group April Newsletter

Our March meeting was well attended by 23 people, with three new individuals attending.
There was great interchange among those attending and much interest in our speaker,
Matthew Clark company rep from Coloplast.


This company is based in Denmark and is a leader in the world in ostomy supplies. Here in the US Convatec and Hollister are the leaders. The manufacturing of Coloplast is in Denmark, and it is shipped here. The concept of care is simpler, eliminating many of the items that are often  used and really keeping care simpler. Tape is not used on their products . Hydrocolloids barriers and polymers are used for adhesion. They have been found to be gentler to the skin. Their products have the lowest incidence of skin problems.

I quote from their book: Coloplast is among the world’s leading manufacturers of intimate healthcare products through a philosophy that has served well for many decades. “We listen
carefully to people with conditions of a very private nature. We understand their personal needs. Then we create innovative solutions that make a significant difference in their lives.

It began more than 50 years ago when a nurse named Elise Sorensen came up with an ingenious idea after her sister Thora had ostomy surgery. She created the world’s first
disposable ostomy bag with an adhesive ring. It gave Thora the chance to live a normal life   again.

That simple idea led to the formation of Coloplast and it has evolved into a multitude of ostomy care products as well as wound and skin care products.

“Today, our passion for excellence has not waned. We still listen to people with intimate conditions and the professionals who care for them. And we dedicate ourselves to finding solutions that improve their quality of life. That is what made us the global leader in ostomy  products. It is how we will continue to lead into the future.”

Gray fabric is used on their pouches. It fades and is invisible under clothing. There are filters on  colostomy and ileostomy pouches. The secondary one helps extend the life of the pouch. They do have custom fit or cut to fit pouches. If your stoma is odd shaped it helps to cut your opening to match your stoma. Skin is better protected and seal is better..

The closure has Velcro tabs. There is no hard clip to annoy you.. Opaque bags: Barrier and pouch as a one piece in gray is invisible.

2 piece systems: It is suggested that you change every four days and avoid skin and leakage problems.colo-product-head

It is suggested that you warm the barrier before application for better and quicker adhesion to the body. The floating flange is large, helping it fit where needed.

Convexity on barriers has been designed to help a flush stoma extrude into the pouch. This is only available in the one piece appliance. It is best to wear a belt with a deep convex barrier. They do have a soft one available.

Colopast believes in simplicity. Using extra products is not recommended. Powders and preps are frowned upon, finding simpler is better. The adhesion and gentleness of their barrier is all that is needed. Do not use prep or paste. Although this is their advice they do have available  skin barrier wipes and spray and brava powder.

 Also available is their lubricating deodorant and odor antagonist, Hex-on. They have the products that you have become accustomed to using. Available are skin barrier rings in sizes from 3/8 to 2” For high output ostomies an overnight pouch is available.

Skin strips are available for framing the barrier for longer life and security.

For the urostomates an adapter for drainage bags comes with every pouch.

There is also a mini pouch for pediatric or intimacy use.

To enroll in Coloplast care call 1-866-266-6362. A wonderful kit will be sent to you with very useable items to use when you travel.

 Brava Ostomy Accessories are easy to use, no sting products to protect and care for the skin.

Sensura Mio is bodyfit technology elastic barrier that fits real bodies. Sensura Xpro Extended wear adhesive: All of the skin friendly benefits of sen-sura is in a more erosion resistant barrier. Improved Multi Chamber Uro Pouch: Input from nurses inspired a quieter low profile pouch.

 Brava elastic barrier strips are used to “picture frame” around an ostomy barrier, providing additional support. Added support can be very helpful when there is a large output pulling on the pouch.

Sensura Mia Click is based on the human centered approach to innovation. It is designed with individual bodies in mind. The elastic barrier fits real body shapes; flexible coupling for the 2 pc gives security, and the full circle filter reduces ballooning. It comes with standard wear and convex light and deep barriers. It comes with a peek-a-boo window in transparent or opaque
versions for easy application.

The maxi drainable pouch has a wide outlet.

It also comes with a closed pouch

SenSura Uro has wide anti-reflux valves to support varying ways of managing stents.

The maxi Urostomy pouch has multiple chambers to minimize sloshing., wider anti-reflux valves to prevent urine from washing over stomas, soft outlet for connecting to urostomy night drainage and soft cloth back, in both transparent and opaque. Barriers for 2 pc appliances come in all size openings, in both convex and deep convex systems.

Assura has available an ileo night bag. Much is available for you to try. Call 866-226-6362,
email care-us@coloplast.com

Matthew Clark had many come to speak with him and ask about solutions to problems, after his presentation.
Coming to meetings has many advantages: Hearing our speakers, exchange of information with other ostomates, and helping your organization remain strong.

Next month Safe and Simple will present their products

safe and simple

Differences in all of us My sister would say to me,”We are all different”. This is so true. Although we were sisters many differences existed. The way each individual reacts to a stoma is often how they have reacted to changes and stress through the years. My dad had a matter of fact attitude when he said, “so I’m bass ackwards” and accepted his new way of life. He then said “Thank God it’s me and not mother”. Love does make a difference. Have you noticed how Jerry(Our president)’s wife Linda has become such an important member of our group? You will also see spouses and significant others attending meetings on a regular basis.

Most attending meetings are interested in helping others adjust to the changes the surgery has brought about. Most are greatful for the improvement in life when they now have an ileostomy instead of ulcerative colitis, or a urostomy instead of the previous bladder problems. There are some that may be crying, “Poor me”. Hopefully they will find our group and know that life can be just fine again. We are so blessed that we have these fine manufacturers with research and development constantly working to improve your place in life with refined and improved equipment. We have come a long way. We have our wonderful nurses who have chosen this field of specialty to make your life better too.
Appreciate it all and just say.”Life is good

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