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♥Tuesday February 14th: 2:00 pm♥

Gables East 2nd floor alcove
South Port Square  23023 Westchester Blvd Port Charlotte

Dr. John Rioux, MD
Speaker: Dr. John Rioux MD,FACS Surgeon

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February Newsletter for Charlotte County Ostomy Support Group
Gloria Patmore RNET Editor

Valerie Miller is the company rep for Convatec, and has been for many years. It has been less
than a year snce Ms. Miller introduced the latest available items from Convatec, but her latest
presentation showed us how this research and development company never sits still. As she
explained, they always want to hear from the ostomates using their products when there are
complaints and suggestions for improvements, and they will get busy to solve your problems.
As a result, Valerie was busy presenting items right up to 4:00 o’clock when we need to vacate
our room. There was time for all of us however to have our beverages and cookies that are so
generously supplied by South Port Square.

Educating the bedside nurses and the home health nurses continues to be a problem and
Convatec does have the materials for them to be educated in ostomy care. They also have tools
for the ostomates, starting at the time of diagnosis. A “How to Cope” video on their website

and their 800# is a starting point. “Support and Advice are just a call or click away.” Call us at
1-800-422-8811 M-F, 8:30-7:00PM EST or Email CIC@convatec.com
Visit www.convatec.com/ostomy” Valerie tells us all information on their website is correct
and can be trusted.

An introductory kit is available for all new ostomates. The kit is always kept updated. Call the
800# to enroll and get your kit. It comes in a beautiful travel kit and is a pleasure to use.
Included is a care plan, book on nutrition and diet.

Ostomy Secrets is a division that produces comfortable and sexy lingerie. Everyone working in
this division are ostomates themselves and have tested all new products.

mdTP1dtJmeDsQGGMkW24POgIncluded among the new products is the Eakin Seal.
Valerie demonstrated how they can be molded and how a small piece can be used if needed. It
will extend the life of your ostomy pouch’s seal. The seal absorbs water, perspiration and
moisture in general, adhering well to the skin. Valerie talked about cleansing of the peristomal
skin emphasizing using just plain water around the stoma is the best cleansing method since
soaps can cause skin problems.
If you have skin that is broken down and sore and you need to treat it with stoma powder you
need to brush away excess powder and then seal it in with a no sting wipe. Warming your
wafer or eakin seal will help it adhere better too.
If you have had sore skin and have been changing your wafer frequently you will be able to
extend the time you can go between changes as the skin heals.
Valerie also emphasized that Stomahesive Paste is only for caulking where needed, not for
”pasting”. The name is misleading and when an excess is used as a paste it can interfere with
the pouch’s adhesion.

Valerie explained that extended wear wafers have a middle layer.
Also demonstrated were the different closures used today. Although the clip is still available
the roll up and secure new closures are very secure. The mouth of the drainable pouches have
been made wider for easier emptying.
Filters on pouches have been improved, and stickers to be applied as a seal over the filter when
swimming or bathing are supplied with the filters.

The connector on urostomy pouches has been made softer to provide greater comfort for

Convatec has both Durahesive and Stomahesive on their pouches and barriers. They are
designed to combine strength and gentleness to give security and confidence to individuals
using them, to do the things they want in life.mck-86174900-1 piece ostomy drain pouch open transparent beige extended wear barr
“A Tailored Fit for freedom and movement.” Moldeable skin barriers gently mold to any stoma
shape or size for enhanced comfort and skin protection. They are simple to use and, once in
place, strong enough to hold firm, comfortably “hugging” the stoma to minimize gaps and
leaks. Using a Moldeable skin barrier allows people to be in control of their lives. Over 95% of
ostomates using Moldeable technology as their first system maintained healthy peristomal skin.
The Esteem system is their one- piece solution combining the skin barrier and pouch in a single
unit. Easy and convenient, it’s one simple step to attach or remove and provides a fresh start
every time.
“We designed the Esteem system with a range of features that are designed to provide security,
confidence and freedom every day. Our adhesives are made to be strong and to help keep the
skin healthy while our pouches, closed or drainable. come with advanced filters, secure closures
and soft, quiet fabrics for discretion. They are available with pre- cut, cut- to- fit, or moldable
barriers, the Esteem + system provides tailored comfort for every stoma shape and size.
The Esteem Synergy System is a 2 piece solution that uses a flat adhesive coupling technology.
The skin barrier and pouch join securely together via a soft foam adhesive ring on the pouch
which attaches to a “landing zone” on the skin barrier.
Flexible and convenient, it’s perfect for frequent changing and ideal for people on the go. It has
a low profile that moves with the body so it’s comfortable and discreet. It’s available with
closed, drainable, or urostomy pouches, featuring advanced filters, secure closures, easy-view
windows, and soft quiet materals for confidence and reassurance. Useable with pre cut, cut-tofit
or moldeable skin barriers.
Natura The Natura System is a two piece solution with a separate skin barrier and pouch, great
for busy, active lives. The pouch can simply be replaced throughout the day allowing the skin
barrier to remain in place. Whether it’s playing with the kids, gardening, or running, the Natura
System gives people the security to feel in control of their stoma every day. Featuring a snap
lock fastening, the pouch audibly clicks into place so you know it’s firmly attached. The simple
to use skin barriers also feature our strong adhesives, designed to stay in place and help
support skin health.
Natura can be easily tailored with the collection of closed, drainable, or urostomy pouches, and
pre- cut to fit or moldable skin barrier Me+ Supports the whole person. A graph showing “Dave’s first year” as an ostomates outlines
what the year included.
Received patient education kit prior to surgery. Had his surgery enrolled in the me+ program,patient education clip board
and received his welcome kit, then received customized samples, and then follow up. He
reviewed the web site, was on email, had encouragement to run again from Ted Vosk’sj story.
He ordered a classic wrap from ostomysecrets. His stoma size changed and he called to sample
a new skin barrier. He is living his life knowing there is support when needed. The graph shows
he read an article on travel, got his TSA travel card, ordered a swimsuit learned from others
(support group or chat rooms on internet) and planned his Caribbean vacation.
Eakin Cohesive Problem Solver or Preventer In a Danish Study of ostomates 45% suffered
from peristomal skin disorders of one type or another.
The majority are caused by:
1) Feces induced erosion,



4)Contact dermatitis.

Wetness, irritants, and fecal enzymes are the cause of denuded skin. A seal that truly addresses
these problems is the Eakin Seal.
Water can penetrate the skin leading to maceration.

Chemical and Bacterial irritants such as ammonia, bile salts and acids will contribute to
peristomal skin irritation when in prolonged contact. Bacteria in stomal effluent can permeate
the Corneum Stratum leading to secondary infections.

Proteases and Lipases in stoma effluent will break down skin integrity irritating skin and
promoting further irritation by other factors. Changes in PH can effect the level of enzyme
activity. Cohesive has been shown to immobilize enzymes. Cohesive forms a gel which binds
fecal enzymes helping to prevent them from acting on healthy skin.

Also included in literature that Valerie had were some case studies where the Eakin Seal had
been used to solve problems. Cohesive slims was used to solve a leakage problem when no skin
irritation was present. Small cohesive Seal was used when fecal dermatitis was the problem.
Maximum skin protection was needed to solve the problem.
Psoriasis: Large cohesive seal was recommended to cover a large surface area and promote
healing without affecting the adhesion of the pouch. The seal creates a flat dry surface for
pouch fitting.
A double barreled loop colostomy is an irregular shaped area to protect and the cohesive
stomawrap offered a quick and easy solution whilst providing maximum skin protection and leakage

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