In Memory of Roger Wilson

Roger Wilson passed away March 14th 2015. Twelve years ago surgery was done to remove his ulcerated colon and perform an ileostomy. It gave him a new lease on life. He said,”An ostomy is not a disease, it is a cure.” He was whole hearted in everything he did in his life; volunteering with the Police Department, and various community programs in NJ before moving to Port Charlotte.
He devoted the last twelve years to improving the life of all ostomates, initiating the scholarship program for nurses to specialize in the care of the ostomate. He was president of the Charlotte County Ostomy Support Group for several years, and was treasurer at the time of his death. He wrote several articles for the Charlotte Sun and an article for the national magazine, the “Phoenix”.

He also started a chapter in Lee County. Roger was devoted to the “cause”. He will be missed by all of us!

Rest in peace Roger.

In lieu of flowers please send donations to Charlotte Country Ostomy Support group by contacting Jerry Downs on 941-629-7568 or emailing him at

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