March Newsletter 2018

Charlotte County Ostomy Support Group

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President: Jerry Downs……. 629-7568…………

Vice Pres…Bonnie Coker 423-8542

Directors Janice Creutzman;941-639-2370

Secretary: Lovelle Meester….637-8167

David Sandora…..941.828-1076

Treasurer: Karen Chalfant:…623-0088

Joan Huber………941.575-8708

Janice Creutzman;941-639-2370
Secretary: Lovelle Meester….637-8167 David Sandora…..941.828-1076
Treasurer: Karen Chalfant:…623-0088 Joan Huber………941.575-8708

Newsletter: Gloria Patmore & Karen Chalfant
Programs & Education: Jerry Downs, Penny Maki, RNET,CWS, 205-2620 Gloria Patmore, 627-9077
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Marie Michel RN,CWCA, CHRN,OMS 626-2606
Visitation: Nancy Frank BSN,CWOCN
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Professional Advisors:
John P. Rioux, MD, F.A.C.S. Nancy Frank, RN,BSN,CWOCN;

Next Meeting: Tuesday March 13 2018 2:00PM

South Port Square 23023 Westchester Blvd Port Charlotte Fl Gables East 2nd floor alcove

Matthew Clark, company rep for Coloplast will be our speaker


Chance Drawings:

$15 Panera Bread,


$20 OBees Sub and Salad



$25 Thai Café



Free Pizza at Pizza Hut



                                                                                                                      Charlotte County Ostomy Support Group March Newsletter

Our February meeting was well attended by 30 people, with five new attending. There was great interchange among those attending and much interest in our speaker, Paul Bixler from
hollisterHollister, a manufacturer’s representative from a leading manufacturer of Ostomy Supplies.  Paul introduced himself and told his history, and how it led him to become involved with
ostomy supplies.

On a routine check up the doctor convinced Paul he should have a colonoscopy as part of his check up. He had no suspicion that he had a problem. But there it was. He had a malignant polyp and a resection of the area was needed. A colostomy was needed after the resection and this is when he became interested in the care and treatment of an ostomy. Fortunately he is well, and has had no reoccurrence of his malignancy. As we all know, cancer caught early has a much better chance for cure. He has developed much empathy through his own experiences. He brought information on all their products but spoke mostly of Cera Plus skin barrier. The importance of peristomal skin health in ostomy care can’t be overstated. The condition of this skin greatly affects how well the skin barrier can adhere, as well as the general comfort and well being of the patient living with a stoma.

Unfortunately peristomal skin problems are too common. About ½ of those living with a stoma will report peristomal skin issues at some point in their lives . Many even think that skin problems are a normal part of living with a stoma. Patients do not need to suffer, and Hollister’s goal is to help maintain healthy skin from the start.

Evaluations of 193 patients by more than 100 WOC nurses reported that they had observed improvement of the peristomal skin condition and average wear time with the Cera Plus skin barrier. 87% expressed overall satisfaction and 82% expressed their likelihood to continue to use and recommend the Cera Plus barrier to the patients. 88% found skin improvement in their patients. 39% of patients were able to wear the CeraPlus skin barrier longer, on average, than their previous skin barrier.

ostomy_suppliesCera Plus 2 piece skin barriers without tape borders come in flat (cut to fit) flange 1 ¾ for stomas up to 1 ¼

2 ¼ for stomas up to 1 ¾ and 2 ¾ for stomas up to 2 ¼

They also come in convex skin barriers (cut to fit) 1 ¾ for stomas up to 1”, 2 ¼ for stomas up to 1 ½, and 2 ¾ for stomas up to 2”.

If you have a soft abdomen you will probably do best with convexity. Much goes into properly fitting your appliance. Placement of the stoma, scar tissue in the vicinity, liquidity of output, acidity of the output. A colostomate usually has little problem in comparison to the person with the ileostomy. Since we all know that the large intestine does the job of absorbing the liquid of your output the more intestine you have the more like normal is the output. Individual problems can be solved with the help of our local WOCN nurses, Nancy Frank ( 941- 629-5118) and Marie Michel (941-626-2606)

Hollister has available to you Emily Millar, acute care coordinator. They offer a dedicated team of ostomy product experts as personal advocates for the patients they serve. They offer dedicated support for each and every patient as long as needed. They provide instructional product support and educational materials designed to support patients along the journey. They state “We are constantly improving our services to ensure patients get the care they need to live life their way. We want the best possible outcome for each patient.

Call toll free: 1-888-808-7456 extension 2824 or email” Don’t hesitate to request samples of appropriate items that you might want to try.

Paul was surrounded by members wanting more information and requesting samples after his talk. We have a very interactive group of members, seeking answers and wanting to improve their lives.

Editor note: When I have room, as I do today, I love to include articles I have saved from other chapters.

what-would-you-do-logo2By Elice feiverson of Metro Maryland

Trust me, every ostomate has had or will have an “accident”. By accident. I mean a pouch leak of some kind.. The question is, “are you prepared in case an accident happens away from home? Not so much prepared as far as haing a change of clothes and extra pouches. But prepared to deal with the unexpected mishap. The reality of it is every ostomate must think of what he/she would do if the pouch leaked at a party, in a restaurant, at work/or anywhere else. . Your appliance might leak because it wasn’t put on securely; the clip falls off because it was put on wrong, a manufacturer’s defect or, and all the contents come spilling out.

Embarrassing things happen to everyone at anytime. I think you must feel confident when you venture out, and not worry that something will happen.. Stay Calm. Go to the nearest bathroom and take care of business. Most likely your companions are continuing a conversation in the restaurant or workplace, and no one even knew you were missing. When I encountered an accident while I was in a group situation, I just removed myself and took my time freshening up, and then rejoined my friends. No explanation was necessary.

The more outings you take and the more public situations you are in, the more confident you will be as time goes on. Most “normal” people have more stool in their pants and gas emissions than we could ever have with an ostomy…

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