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A 501(C) (3)nonprofit organization (Tax deductible donations)


President: Jerry Downs 629-7568……… Email:

Vice President: Bonnie Coker: 423:8542 … Directors

Secretary: Lovelle Meester: 637-8167            Lorelie Godbout603-474 9063

Treasurer: Karen Chalfant:   623-0088           Joan Huber……941-575-8708


Newsletter : Gloria Patmore RNET (Retired) & Karen Chalfant

Programs and Education: Jerry Downs, Penny Maki RNET,CWS 205-2620

Gloria Patmore RNET (retired) Nancy Frank RN,BSN,CWOCN: 629-5118

Jill Lindsay RN,BSN,CWOCN 629-1181

Visitation: Penny Maki RNET CWS, Nancy Frank RN,BSN,CWOCN

Library: Karen Chalfant

Products: Bonnie Coker

Professional Advisors:

John P. Rioux MD, F.A.C.S. Penny Maki RNET,CWS, Jill Lindsay,RN,BSN,CWOCN

Nancy Frank RN,BSN,CWOCN

Next Meeting: Tuesday May 10, 2016  2PM

South Port Square Gables East 2nd floor alcove

23023 Westchester Blvd, Port Charlotte

Program: Safe & Simple Representative & Bonnie Coker,

 Vice President & owner of C&S Pouch Cover & many years as an ileostomate will be bringing the program.

Chance Drawings: Publix $25, Long Horn Steak House $20,

Red Lobster $20, (2) 6” subway sandwiches@ Harbor and 41

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY  to All Our Moms!!!

Charlotte County Ostomy Support Group

May newsletter


Our April meeting was just great, as usual. I’m just sorry not everyone had the opportunity to be there.

Vice President, Bonnie Coker, did a great job filling in for President Jerry Downs since Jerry was out of town having his routine cancer check up! It is always important to keep these appointments, as all cancer survivors know. A couple of long time members came today. Bill and Betty Crandall now live here in South Port, and both look really great. They just love their new home here. As Betty put it, “It was time.” It’s like being on a vacation when you are eating out each day, having housekeeping done for you, and wonderful activities always being available.


Our speaker, Kevin Hershey, introduced to a most interested group, B. Braun Flexima 3S. Appliances. “As simple as it gets”. Of great interest is the fact that he states there is no need for all the ancillary products that you may be using such as skin prep or eakin seals.


The product is simple. It guides into position for you. Right positioning from the start, with 3 easy fitting steps.

The base plate has 3 slots to allow for 3 possible pouch positions, according to your preference.. You snap the pouch to the base plate starting from the bottom, moving upward. Clip the locking pinpoint into the upper tab to secure the system.


Secure: It gives you confidence.  Leak proofing with a low profile mechanical coupling system with an audible click.

Optional belt fixation. There are 3 belt hooks on the pouch to add stability when desired.


Soft: It feels like a part of you. Highly flexible for comfort. The floating flange minimizes pressure on the abdomen at application.


Ostomy Base Plates:

A secure flat or convex base plate for flush or retracted stomas.

Flat base plates available in standard or extended wear.

Convex base plates have been designed to ensure enough flexibility while providing a sufficient level of pressure on the peristomal area.

Extended wear- designed for extra security with acrylic border.

Available in pre- cut and cut- to- fit.


Closed Pouches

There a 3 closed pouch sizes; mini: 6”, Midi: 7 ¼, Maxi 8”

Ergonomic shape  adapted to body contour.

Available in beige or transparent.

Soft non-woven material designed to provide quiet discretion and comfort against the skin.

The protected filter is engineered to be leak proof and permeable to gases for optimal degassing and deodorizing. It is impregnated activated carbon composition.

They have 3 belt hooks for use when extra security is needed.


Drainable Pouches

There are three roll up drainable pouches. Mini,9”; Midi,11”; Maxi, 12”.

2 ¾” or 7cm outlet for maximum emptying.


Simple to use roll up closure with self- grabbing strips, with a hide-a-way pocket.

Designed for easy cleaning and quick drying.

Available in beige or transparent.

Soft non- woven material to provide quiet discretion and comfort against the skin.

The protected filter is engineered to be leak-proof and permeable to gasses for optimal degassing and deodorizing.


Urostomy pouches

One size: 9 ½ inch in beige or transparent

Pouch is divided into multi chambers which spreads urine evenly.

Ant-reflux valve is designed to prevent urine from washing over the stoma.

Secure drainage outlet with easy visualization of open/closed position.

Audible click confirms complete closure.

Ant-twist connector included, to attach night collection bag.

3 belt hooks.


The company will supply samples ( a one week supply) for you to give a try to the product of your choice. 877-400-1700  toll free or 863-421-9410

PPS Health Care Professional Products and services LLC

USA Distributor for B.Braun Medical Inc.

PO Box 818 Loughman, FL 33858

They will bill your Medicare and supplemental insurance for you, accepting assignment.

Kevin Hershey’s card also gives his cell phone# 407-508-9349


Don’t Sweat it

Does sweating cause you pouching problems? Living here in Florida you are in a warm  environment. If you are an athlete or just prone to sweating- you may have a problem keeping your pouch barrier on. Here are three approaches to solving your problem.

1)    Sweat less! Some anti- perspirants can be used underneath an ostomy barrier. Many antiperspirants dry after application and leave little residue that would affect the adherence of a pouch. CC a cyclist in Maryland uses Tussy 5 day anti- perspirant that is sold in packets. Mitchum and Crystal among others have been used successfully by ostomates to diminish perspiration. Do your own research and find what works for you. Be sure to first skin test the deodorant on a different area of the abdomen.

2)    Try a breathable barrier. The micro skin adhesive barrier on all CyMed pouches is moisture-vapor permeable and allows perspiration to flow through the barrier rather than be trapped beneath it. The article I took this from mentioned an individual who wore the cymed pouch through the grueling Ironman Triathlon. His pouch held up through 16 hours of extreme physical exertion and lasted a total of six days. Samples may still be available at 800-582-0707. This is being reprinted from an old article in my files, so I can’t guarantee that they are available at this time.


Travel Tips

Just a few tips to make your vacation or trip more enjoyable and trouble free.(As far as the ostomy is concerned).

Before you depart, if you have been having any problems, see your doctor or ostomy nurse and talk them over. It is better before than after.

Be sure to take along a list of all the ostomy chapters, the cities, chapter presidents, and phone numbers, in case you have any ostomy problems enroute.

If traveling by car do not pack your equipment in the car trunk. The internal temperature of the car trunk can become extremely hot, and your ostomy equipment can melt and become ruined.

If traveling by air do not pack your ostomy equipment along with your luggage-carry it with you aboard to make sure it arrives with you at your destination.

If you take medication be sure to get your medications refilled at home, and carry a list with you. Get the chemical composition or generic names from your druggist or doctor if traveling in a foreign country. Brand names are not the same in different countries.

Take along your own mini drug store for emergencies. Take along an analgesic such as aspirin or Tylenol; Pepto Bismol for diarrhea, Metamucil or Milk of Magnesia for a mild laxative, Maalox, Mylanta, or Sodium Bicarbonate, instant tea, soup or bullion,, 2% tincture of iodine or chlorine bleach to purify water. Liquids should be placed in plastic bottles, cement tubes or plastic bags.


What Cancer Cannot Do

Cancer is so limited.

It cannot: cripple love, shatter hope, corrode faith, eat away peace, destroy confidence, kill friendship, shut out memories, silence courage, invade the soul, reduce eternal life, quench the spirit, lessen the power of the resurrection.

Regardless, a cancer diagnosis is always frightening. Living through treatment and the many decisions made along the way, is a difficult journey. Sharing with others traveling this journey does help. Just like our meetings help you to adjust to a new stoma.


Our speaker next month will be the Safe & Simple Representative & our own Vice President Bonnie Coker, a long time ileostomate. Both will be bringing samples for your viewing pleasure. Bonnie is also owner and manufacturer of C&S Ostomy Pouch Covers. It is also time for elections for next season. Do try to make our final meeting of the season!

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