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Charlotte County Ostomy Support Group

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Newsletter: Gloria Patmore & Karen Chalfant
Programs & Education: Jerry Downs, Penny Maki, RNET,CWS, 205-2620 Gloria Patmore, 627-9077
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Library: Karen Chalfant
Products Bonnie Coker
Professional Advisors:
John P. Rioux, MD, F.A.C.S. Nancy Frank, RN,BSN,CWOCN;


Tuesday November 14: 2:00PM

Gables East 2nd floor alcove South Port Square

23023 Westchester Blvd Port Charlotte

Program: Geoffrey Roelant MD General Surgeon

Chance Drawings:

Elena’s, 2 free lunches348s

$25 Long Horn

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 $10 Joseph’s Deli


2 Subway sandwiches @Harbor and #41


Charlotte County Ostomy Support Group
November Newsletter
By Gloria Patmore, RNET (retired?)

If you made our October meeting you are well aware of just what an amazing group our support group is. South Port Square was experiencing a great deal of stress with new furniture being delivered, the dining room being completely renovated, and faced with the task of finding a room where we could meet. Kim of South Port was amazing. She found the Art room was available and made sure we would have refreshments. The courtesy and care we are given is
just wonderful. There was so much going on, but we were remembered, and all details were covered.under

Well the entrance to Gables West was unavailable. Jerry Downs, our loyal and caring president, stood guard at the one door we could enter and directed everybody inside. Once inside Karen Chalfant, our Treasurer, had posted signs to direct you to the Art Room. Linda, Jerry’s wife was busy helping, as usual. She even brought Halloween Candy to put on the tables. (She is the woman behind that man!) It seemed so complicated that I did indeed wonder if our doctor speaker and our members would make it in. Parking was even sparse. Much to my amazement YOU did make it. The room was full, with 24 attending, plus our doctor speaker, Eric Lubiner Hematologist and Oncologist, who was in the room right at 2:00 PM. New members, Myrna Baumgartner and Will Jones are attending their first meeting. All of you just amazed and delighted me. No wonder I continue to volunteer!

WebDr Lubiner made it right on time and Jerry announced we would have our business and rap sessions following Dr Lubiner’s presentation. Dr Lubiner has been an Oncologist for seventeen years and seen the changes and improvements in cancer treatment. He wanted to focus on colon and urinary tract cancers since our members have been affected by these cancers. He emphasized that he would answer any questions as they come up and he would also answer questions at any time by calling the numbers on his card: Port Charlotte location: 22395 Edgewater Drive in Port Charlotte 941-766-  7222 or North Port location 941-257-2280. Web site is If you enter a question to the web site and enter his name your question will get to him.

 When Dr Lubiner started 17 years ago there was just one drug, and only one:5Fu Now we have close to a dozen drugs and are looking at new ones. The most important thing that has happened over the past 5-10 years has been the recognition of how cancers differ in individuals. They are all as different from each other as we are different from others. They all have different reasons that they have become cancers and different reasons that have caused  them to grow. We now have next generation sequences that the pathologist can identify. A    piece of the tumor when dissected is sent to a special lab. Here it is run through a panel of 2000 genes. They are looking for what mutations have taken place and what ones are driving the  growth of the tumor. The treating physician then has a guide as to what drug will work for this patient, and can tailor treatment. The immune system can be activated to fight off cancer cells. This is a very exciting approach to killing off the cancer cells. With this treatment there are none of the chemo side effects of low blood count and nausea. For colon cancers that have MSI (Micro Satellite Instability) they may well be candidates for new treatments. Drugs that had been approved for Melanoma have been found to be effective in bladder cancers. T cells are removed from the body and exposed to cancer antigens and then returned to the body. Selecting drug treatment for an individual considers the patient’s existing health status, and over all health.

Molecular markers are important in selection of treatment as well. An example of markers are the PSA testing for prostate cancer. A trend is considered over time. Decisions are not made on one reading. If the trend shows a rise in the reading it will be tested on a regular schedule to determine if the rise seen was just a one time and not significant. But if the reading continues the upward trend the physician will look more closely.   Avastin is used in colon cancer treatment when it has spread, and continues to be used.

167995798.1At the present time there is still use for the chemo therapies but they are being used less and less. Dr Lubiner also mentioned that lung cancer is showing increased survival rates. Side effects from treatment can be reversed. An important point to remember when deciding if you want to undergo treatment.

There were some individual questions that Dr Lubiner did address, including where could a urostomate seek help when a revision is needed. When an ileal conduit has been constructed to direct urine from the kidneys to a stoma it works best if the stoma extrudes from the body. A  flush stoma makes it difficult to accomplish a secure seal for any length of time. One member is looking to have the stoma revised because of this and asked for recommendations on who and where could this possibly be taken on. No question went unanswered. Before any immunotherapy is used all blood work is first checked. It is important to know each individual’s overall health in deciding treatment. Each person is an individual. What works for one person may not for another.
Also one therapy may work for a period of time and then no longer be effective. In this situation another treatment may be employed and be effective for that patient. Certain medications such as Avastin may raise blood pressure. If a person has high blood pressure another medication will be chosen.
If a person is Diabetic therapy that raises blood sugar is avoided. Treatment needs to be tailored for the individual. He can see three colon cancers in a day and they each will be given something different. Everyone is an individual!

There are a lot of choices that your oncologist needs to make, and today there is more to  choose from. Don’t hesitate to contact Dr Lubiner if you have an unanswered question on your cancer treatment.

The addition that has been added to Florida Cancer Specialists has made it a longer walk to Dr Lubiner’s office, and he commented that some patients have said they had gotten their walk for the day. A new doctor has been hired for the practice who now sees all the hospital patients. It had   become increasingly difficult for our oncologists to make hospital rounds before starting work at 8AM in the office. Changes need to be made over time.

Life expectancy has increased for most cancer patients today as treatment has been tailored to their needs.
Contact Dr Eric Lubiner with your questions at or (941)766-7222 or 941)257-2280

We had our rap session following Dr Lubiner’s talk, and our business meeting. It was announced that the Christmas party will again be held at the Golden Corral in Punta Gorda on Dec 12 at 11:30AM. The September gifts will be awarded at the party with free tickets to put in the jars that were unused during the September Hurricane that caused the cancellation of the September meeting. So plan on being there and going home a winner. The cost for the buffet
will be announced at our next meeting.

Chance gift winners were:
Panera Bread $15: Myrna Baumgartner (New member)
Gilded Grape $50: Lorelie Godbout
Pizza Hut: free pizza : Linda Downs
Medical Dept Store $25 Dick McCollough

Next month we have a surgeon new to our area, Geoffrey Roelant MD We are most fortunate that these doctors will take time from their busy practices to enlighten us and answer your  questions. See you then!

   Our Library

Were you aware that we have a library that includes copies of the “Phoenix” our National Magazine. Most members have gotten their own subscriptions, but if you have not, you can borrow copies from our library. There are several well written and some humorous books available to borrow as well. Our Treasurer, Karen Chalfant keeps it intact and available for you  to enjoy.

Our website is  Past newsletters are available here. Enjoy, and learn.

See you November 14th. Hopefully renovations will be completed by then and we will be back in our usual meeting room in Gables East. If not we will let you know!

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