September Newsletter 2015

September Newsletter for Charlotte County Ostomy Support Group

A Board Meeting was held July 22, 2015 in order to plan our 2015-2016 year.

 Much has been done through the summer months and we are looking forward to an active year ahead.

The meeting was called to order by President Downs at 12noon. Attending were:

President Jerry Downs, Vice President Bonnie Coker, Treasurer Karen Chalfant,,

Directors, Joan Huber, Jan Doner, and Lorelie Godbout, Nancy Frank RN,BSN,WOCN, Penny Maki, RNET CWS, Jill Lindsay RN,BSN,WOCN, and Gloria Patmore RNET Past President.

Newsletter ads were discussed. President Downs offered to handle obtaining and printing of the ads. Bonnie assured all that the ads are being put into the web site by our webmaster.


Joan Huber has been in contact with the Editor of “Feeling Fit” of the Charlotte Sun and has been assured that the notice for the ostomy Support Group will be printed on an ongoing basis with Jerry’s phone contact and past president, Gloria Patmore’s phone numbers.


President Downs questioned having Ostomy visitors see more of the new patients and how this can be arranged. Jill explained that requests for a visitor must be made by the patient or family member because of the privacy laws. Visits are suggested by our nurses to the patient and families.


When a need for education is found to be the case in a nursing facility the Director of Nursing in that facility should be made aware of the existing need. Our nurses are willing to go in and teach but it must be arranged through the director of that facility. Our library does have suitable tapes available to aid in education of staff in these facilities.


Gloria distributed a list of the raffle prizes already obtained. Several more have been promised but not yet in hand. We should have 3 prizes for each meeting with Panera Bread having made a promise of $20 for every month. The local restaurants have been helpful as usual. An outstanding contribution of $20 cash was contributed by “Jody’s Junque” in Murdock, to be used in any way we wish. Jody is an RN working in Sarasota and expects to make the shop her retirement job. Her shop is located in the mall next to Lowe’s and near Donato’s.

Another outstanding contribution was given by the owner of the Subway on Harbor Blvd and 41. He has donated 10 6” Subway sandwiches,

Luigi’s and Pizza Hut have each donated 2 large pizzas, Winn Dixie has donated $20, Publix $25, Golden Corral 2 buffet meals, Olive Garden $25, Gilded Grape $50, Olympia $10,Perkins $15, Long Horn Steak House, $25, and $20, Elena’s 2 free lunches, Phil’s $20. Jason’s Deli has donated 3 coupons for a “menu item” worth up to $12.99 each, and the Cozy Café in Charlotte Harbor has donated a $20 gift certificate.


Meeting speakers and activities were discussed.

September will be a Rap session.


October will be Dr Eric Lubiner with Florida Cancer Specialists. An update on cancer treatment will be an informative session. It has been some time since we have had an Oncologist, and Dr Lubiner is willing to give his time.


November: Dietitian. Jill will contact someone from Fawcett.


December: Christmas Party. Joan Huber and Jan Doner will make contact and get prices from some possible places, or we could return to Golden Corral where we have been treated well in the past.


January: Hollister. (Jill will contact the company rep).


February: Jan and Bonnie suggested a “Fun” meeting, with members writing up funny episodes that have occurred with their ostomies.


March: Traveling


April: Coloplast


May: Dr Weitzel of Gulfcoast Urology


Some helpful Hints for Swimming

UOAA Update 2015


We have swimming weather a good part of the year so these hints are good to share. Swimming is a great way to have fun, exercise, and cool off. Having an ostomy should not prevent you from relaxing in the water, going for a swim or enjoying other water sports. However there are a few precautions you might want to take.

1) Don’t change your pouch immediately before getting into the water. Allow a few hours for it to “set”.

2) Picture frame the faceplate by applying micropore tape waterproofed with a skin protection wipe, or with pink waterproof tape to the edges of the faceplate. This will give a more secure seal.

3) Wear a soft panty girdle (or pantyhose with the legs cut off) under a bathing suit if you feel it is needed to give extra security and support for the pouch.

4) If you will be in a spa or Jacuzzi or hot tub beware, as hot water destroys the pouches’ ability to contain odor. Also you will not get as much wear time as usual.

5) Ladies choose a swimsuit with a skirt and a busy pattern. This will effectively cover up the vulnerable spot. Boxer swim shorts work well for men.

6) Remember to drink lots of water. Sweating cools the skin, but moisture must be replaced.


Are you having trouble sleeping as you grow older?

UOAA Update 2015


How much sleep do older people need? Most of us need about eight hours sleep at night to feel fully alert when we are awake. Many things can get in the way of sleeping well or sleeping long enough. As we get older we might have more trouble sleeping.


What sleep changes occur in elderly people? People 65 and older may have trouble falling asleep when they go to bed at night. They might not stay asleep all night. They might wake up very early in the morning and not be able to get back to sleep.


These problems can make older people very sleepy in the daytime. The sleep-wake cycle changes as we get older, so we might get sleepier earlier in the evening, and wake up earlier in the morning.


What causes sleep problems? Several things cause sleep problems. By the time we’re in our 60s and 70s our sleep-wake cycle doesn’t seem to work as well. Some lifestyle habits (like smoking, drinking caffeine or alcohol) can give us sleep problems.


Sleep problems can also be caused by illness, when pain keeps us from sleeping, or by medicines that keep us awake. People of all ages might have these sleep disorders: sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, and periodic limb movement disorder



By Kathy Ward, administrative assistant, UOAA July 2015


A lot of questions come to me at the National Office about leakage and how to apply the bag. For everyone it’s different. What works for me doesn’t necessarily work for everyone. However, by the responses I received from callers, I can give you a few tips that seemed to help a lot of people.


Question: How do I keep my pouch from leaking at night?

Answer: I can tell you how I solved this problem, and hopefully it will help you too. When I put my ostomy pouch on I usually have it at a diagonal/\. When I sleep I sleep on my side in the direction I have tilted the pouch. Gravity will take its course and pull anything coming out of the stoma down into the pouch. If you are in the habit of sleeping on your back, gravity will bring everything down, which can cause some seepage.


Question: How do I get my bag to stick better?

Answer: The first thing I do is put the barrier ring onto the wafer. (or adhesive, whichever you use). Before placing it on my body I use a hairdryer to warm up the barrier or adhesive for a few seconds to activate it. I find this works better than placing it on my body, then trying to rub it with my hands to warm it up and activate it.


Editor’s note

Helpful hints are found as you live with your ostomy. Come to our September meeting and share yours, and learn from one another.


Gloria Patmore RNET (Retired?)                                     

                                  Thank You to all our Supporters!!!!!

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