September Newsletter

Charlotte County Ostomy Support Group


A 501 (C) (3) nonprofit organization, (tax deductible donations)



                        President:  Jerry Downs……. 629-7568…………

Vice Pres…Bonnie Coker       423-8542            Directors Jan Doner 941-914-6296

Secretary:  Lovelle Meester….637-8167                  Lorelie Godbout:… 603-474-9063

Treasurer:  Karen Chalfant:.…623-0088                  Joan Huber………941-.575-8708


Newsletter:              Gloria Patmore RNET (Retired) & Karen Chalfant

Programs & Education: Jerry Downs, Penny Maki, RNET,CWS, 205-2620

Gloria Patmore RNET(Retired) 627-9077

Nancy Frank RN,BSN,CWOCN, 629-5118,

Jill Lindsay, RN,BSN,CWOCN,629-1181

Visitation:     Penny Maki RNET, CWS & Nancy Frank BSN,CWOCN

Library:         Karen Chalfant

Products        Bonnie Coker


 Professional Advisor
John P. Rioux, MD, F.A.C.S.   Penny Maki, RN,ET.CWS.   Jill Lindsay, RN,BSN,CWOCN

                     Nancy Frank, RN,BSN,CWOCN;


Next Meeting:

Tuesday, September 13th, 2016, 2:00PM

Town Hall @ South Port Square

2nd Floor, Gables East Dining Room

23023 Westchester Blvd. Port Charlotte

September newsletter for Charlotte County Ostomy Support Group

 We have some exciting speakers to enjoy this fiscal year, and many great gifts for you to win, so don’t miss out. Plan on being to our meetings on the second Tuesday of each month in South Port Square.

We are so fortunate to have such wonderful support from so many!

 Our Vice President, Bonnie Coker, will preside over the meeting in September, and tell some of her Ostomy experiences as an over 30 year ostomate. Bonnie has an established business, C&S Ostomy Pouch Covers. Bonnie is not only our Vice President, but has also been working with the Sara Tee Group in Sarasota.

Jerry Downs, our President, will be at the Cancer Centers of America in Tulsa Oklahoma as an honored guest celebrating his five year mark as a cancer survivor. It is a very special milestone and receives lots of attention at a banquet and then a leaf being put on the “Tree of life” in his honor. We will miss him here at our meeting, but will all be celebrating his day!

The merchants have again been very kind to us and we can look forward to great gifts for our chance drawings. I have decided to list them for your information, and what will be chanced off each month.


A Bottle of Wine(Sauvignon Blanc) from Jack’s on Marion Ave

   Camilla’s Restaurant new to Port Charlotte at W Tarpon and Rt#41,

Breakfasts or luncheons.

    Panera Bread $12 in vouchers



  Longhorn’s Restaurant $25

   Beef O’Brady’s in Punta Gorda $25

    Pizza Hut in Port Charlotte: Large Pizza

   Panera Bread $12 in vouchers



  Ichabon Steak House $25

 Pizza Hut: Large Pizza

Beef O’Brady in Punta Gorda :$25

Sunset Grill $25



Jason’s Deli $25

Pizza Hut Large Pizza

  Publix $50 gift card

Elena 2 free lunches



 Long Horn $25

  Morgan’s Café in School House Square $10

Golden Corral Buffet for 2

2 6”Subway sandwiches



Golden Corral : 2 Buffets

 Jason’s Deli $25

Porky’s Roadhouse $25

   2 6” Subway sandwiches



Phil’s Restaurant $20

 Perkin’s $25

 Whiskey Creek $20

   2 6” Subway sandwiches



Olympia $10

    Jason’s Deli $25

    Luigi’s Large 2 topping pizza

     2 6” Subway sandwiches

There is a possibility of several more, but they aren’t yet in our hands.


Plans for our speakers for the year have not yet been firmed up, with the exception of Dr Eric Lubiner for October. Florida Cancer Specialists are ready to bring us an update. It is wonderful how research has brought new and better cancer treatment for the victims of this dread disease. Being a cancer survivor is a good thing.

Dr Rioux, a general surgeon is part of our advisory committee and has agreed to be a speaker for us too. Hernia prevention and repair is always a subject of interest for all ostomates.

Euipment is also important and we expect to have Safe and Simple, Convatec, and Hollister again.

We will have a urologist toward the end of the season. In March we will take a Saturday morning for a Visitor Training at President Down’s Home.

I hope we have your interest and that you will plan on being with us throughout the season!

I just found an article from 2007 on WHY VISITORS

Prior to ostomy surgery, patients are often stunned to think an internal part of their body will soon be outside of their body. To them, this is not normal. Bodily excretions were meant to go into the toilet- not into a pouch attached to their abdomen. So, when a doctor asks a patient if he would like a trained ostomy visitor, the first reaction is horror! It is bad enough to have to discuss this with family- but never with a total stranger.It is at a time like this that doctors should make the decision to have a visitor come to the hospital. It is only when an ostomy  patient, while lying in bed with an unfamiliar ostomy pouching system attached to his/her body and while still adjusting to the odors accompanying ostomy surgery, can look at another ostomate in amazement and see that he or she is not “abnormal.


An ostomy visitor is like a strong sedative prescribed by the doctor. There is nothing more calming than to sit and talk to someone who has gone through the same type of operation as you have. Suddenly the questions begging to be answered, are available-not from ostomy literature, but from a real life ostomate. Just knowing the patient is finally learning to cope with the traumatic effects of ostomy surgery will also help the doctor with follow up care. Much has been written on Holistic healing-i.e.; thye mond controlling the healing of the body. A positive attitude is the best way to heal the mind and body, so whenever a patient cannot accept ostomy surgery, the doctor should first prescribe an ostomy visitor. There can be no better medicine for a frightened patient than a short, pleasant visit by someone who has been there(and done that!)


Ten Questions to ask your doctor or Pharmacist about a new prescription


Predscription druga are life-savers-but only if used correctly. In the US nearly half of of all medications are taken as directed. Fourteen per cent never get filled. 13percent are filled but never used. 29%are filled but not finished.

  •    What’s the name of the drug you are prescribing?
  •    Is a less expensive generic version of this drug available?
  •    How much will I be taking and how many times a day?
  •    What time of the day is best to be taking the medication? Should it be taken with food or without?
  •    What side effects, if any, might I experience? What should I do if they occur?
  •    Is it safe to take this drug with other drugs or supplements? Can I drink alcohol while I am on this medication?
  •   What do I do if I miss a dose?
  •   How long will I be taking this drug?

Do I need to finish the entire dosage you are prescribing? What do I do if I feel better before that?

Notable Quotes from Home Décor

Dear IRS

I would like to cancel my subscription- Please remove my name from your mailing list.

A balanced meal is chocolate in both hands.

A friend is someone who thinks you are a good egg even though you’re slightly cracked.

Submitted by Your friendly volunteer and past president Gloria Patmore RNET (Retired?)

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