Summer Newsletter 2017

Charlotte County Ostomy Support Group
A 501 (C) (3) nonprofit organization, (tax deductible donations)
President: Jerry Downs……. 629-7568…………
Vice Pres…Bonnie Coker 423-8542 Directors
Janice Creutzman;941-639-2370
Secretary: Lovelle Meester….637-8167 David Sandora…..941.828-1076
Treasurer: Karen Chalfant:…623-0088 Joan Huber………941.575-8708
Newsletter: Gloria Patmore & Karen Chalfant
Programs & Education: Jerry Downs, Penny Maki, RNET,CWS, 205-2620 Gloria Patmore, 627-9077
Nancy Frank RN,BSN,CWOCN, 629-5118,
Marie Michel RN,CWCA, CHRN,OMS 626-2606
Visitation: Nancy Frank BSN,CWOCN
Library: Karen Chalfant
Products Bonnie Coker
Professional Advisors:
John P. Rioux, MD, F.A.C.S. Nancy Frank, RN,BSN,CWOCN;
Next Meeting:
Tuesday September 12: 2:00PM
Gables East 2nd floor alcove
South Port Square 23023 Westchester Blvd Port Charlotte


Charlotte County Ostomy Support Group

Summer Newsletter

Our May meeting was a wonderful surprise. Although many snowbirds have already flown away, we had snowbirds
a wonderful turnout. It was a pleasant surprise for our last meeting of the season. Jerry Downs just
made it back in town to take over as he should as our president. He recently lost his mother after a
lengthy illness, and had gotten there in time to say goodbye to her, and to give his father his support.
The time had come and death was a blessing.

President Downs keeps all of us interested and entertained, and fortunately he is willing to
continue as our president. Our other officers: Vice President Bonnie Coker, Treasurer Karen
Chalfant, and Secretary Lovelle Meester are willing also and a unanimous vote from members,
confirmed their status for the 2017-2018 season.

A bit of information about our president that you might not know: Jerry holds seven instructor
licenses for aircraft, and is often called on to fly the air flight ambulance to transport patients.
His services are much in demand, but one of his priorities in life is to be there for any ostomates
needing his help. He has been a steady source of help for anyone needing him. We are most
fortunate that he continues to hold office for us.

voteTwo of our Directors are being replaced for the coming season. We have three Directors that
are elected. Directors hold office for two years. Our Board oversees and plans the years
meeting agendas and work to keep the meetings meaningful. Any problems that may arise are
also worked out by your board. Elected to these positions are: David Sandora and Janice
Creutzman. Joan Huber continues as our third Director for another year. Our officers and all
ostomy and wound care nurses are also included as members of our board.

Since Beth Peters with Safe and Simple was here as our speaker, she introduced herself. She
explained that her company is very small when compared to the big companies of
Hollister,Convatec, and Coloplast. “Safe and Simple” is concentrating on finding and distributing
products that are user friendly and reasonably priced. Their products are available through
many of the distributors and mail order companies, but not sold directly to the consumer. She
also let it be known that she would send samples of products if you do request them. Her direct
phone# is 561-526-6718. The office # is 248-214-4877.

safe and simpleBeth introduced their hernia support belt. Jerry told how his doctor had informed him after he
went for his post op check up that he could resume his normal activities. Well Jerry was much
more active than the doctor knew. He jogged four miles daily, lifted weights, and just did his
usual heavy activities, and as a result he developed three hernias. One must be prudent when it
comes to activity following abdominal surgery.

Unfortunately abdominal hernias are much more common than we would like. Safe and Simple
is introducing hernia belts with or without an opening to pull your ostomy pouch through. One
can be used just for support when doing an activity that could cause strain on the abdomen.

The mesh that the support is made from is breathable.

Their description: Made from a unique fabric that gives equal and even stretch. This ensures
pressure is evenly distributed throughout the garment. The fabric provides complete support to
peristomal hernias while still having the flexibility to ensure the normal function of the stoma.

Security belts were found to be the most comfortable while providing excellent support.

Security belts can be worn for longer periods of time without feeling restricted.

Security belts are fully adjustable so can be used at all times.

Security belt has a soft Velcro fastener which is ideal for easy fitting and can be adjusted as

They come in sizes from extra small to xx large with no hole, an 8” hole or a 10 ¼” hole.
Some suppliers will bill your insurance company, but they are not generally fully covered.

p-1889-newkit__78513.1482515573.1280.1280-200x200Other products:

Skin barrier sheet will help extend the life of your barrier. They are highly absorbent and are
4”x4” in size. They can be cut to make your opening according to your pattern.

No sting Skin Barrier Paste: An alcohol free formulation to reduce the sting and pain caused by
conventional alcohol based pastes. Easy to squeeze tube helps you get the paste out smooth
and quick. Creates an optimum seal for a better fitting pouch and longer wear time.

Skin Barrier Paste: Protective pectin based paste that helps to prevent leakage and skin
irritation around the stoma providing an optimum seal for a better fit and wear time. Easy to
squeeze tube helps you get the paste out smooth and quick.

Skin Barrier Paste-Fast drying: A protective pectin based paste that hardens upon application.
Contains alcohol for fast drying. Seals and prevents skin irritation around the stoma and is great
as a filler for those problem areas.

Ostomy Pouch Deodorant
Fantastic Odor Control with no perfumes or artificial scents added for discreet protection. Blue
formula helps to see the liquid inside.

Assure C Odor Eliminator
Assure C is an odor eliminator that also contains a lubricant to help empty pouch contents. This
clear formulation eliminates the fear and concern of staining associated with the blue color
deodorant. No perfumes or artificial scents added. Comes in single serve packets and tilt tip
Dispense bottles

One piece Drainable Pouch

Comes in transparent or opaque: Standard wear drainable skin barrier with a comfortable fit
panel and dual adhesive tapes. Cut-to-fit, clamp closure. Latex free.

One piece Drainable Pouch with filter

Odor controlling filter to reduce gas build up and ballooning. Cut to fit, clamp closure. Latex
Stoma Cap
A one piece lightweight flexible system. Easy to manage. A temporary option to assist with
showering, swimming or moments of intimacy. Latex free.

They also have a silicone tape that is waterproof, stretchy, and easily removable. Ideal for
“picture framing” your wafer.

Also available is their version of the Eakin Seal. It is absorbent and thinner than the Eakin Seal. It
holds up well.

Their wipes are no sting and are very popular for that reason.

Also included in the list of products are skin barrier arcs, peristoma Cleanser and adhesive
remover, ostomy skin barrier powder

To request samples contact Beth Peter @ 561-526-6718 or or

The company mission:
Safe and Simple is an innovator, developer and marketer of new medical products. We develop
products that enhance the patient’s quality of life while improving the financial outcomes of
our distributors. We operate a lean, nimble organization that delivers a profit to the ownership
and value to the communities in which we live.

Beth Peter brought samples and products to the meeting and came to us from the east coast of
Florida. She is much appreciated.

As your past president and newsletter writer I would like to introduce myself to you new

I, Gloria Patmore RNET, am a retired Registered Nurse Enterostomal Therapist who has never
lost interest in helping our support group. I have been retired since I left New Jersey in 1985,
and will be 90 years old in December. Helping you helps keep my mind active, and hopefully I
will be able to continue for a while more, but no one knows. My father had a colostomy at the
age of 54 because of cancer of the rectum, and my husband had a temporary ostomy when he
had bladder cancer that attached itself to the colon. Their experiences taught me too. When I
did private duty nursing in NJ I had one period when I was called in for six ostomates in a row,
and I used rehabilitated ostomates to visit new ones to aid in acceptance of the stoma.

A Support Group is vital!
See you in September!


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  1. I love these meetings and look forward to them there us so much information shared and having people there with the same problems stories is very comforting.

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