Suppliers - Local Suppliers

All local suppliers are very interested in having you buy from them. They are all good people that will help you. Usually they will not accept Medicare Assignment and need payment at the time of purchase. But they will all handle all your paperwork. They will contact your doctor if necessary; file all the necessary billing to your insurance company(s). Most of them handle all manufacturers products, stocking only active selling products. You may purchase as much or as little as you want as long as it approved by your insurance.

OSTO GROUP - 877-678-6690

Provides FREE ostomy supplies to the uninsured for the cost of shipping and handling. They also have a buying program established with a medical supply house that can offer you products at a substantial discount



Medical Department Store offers the largest selection of in store equipment and supplies for Ostomy, Urological, Incontinence, rehabilitation, diabetic, respiratory and mobility in all of SW Florida. You can call in your order from...