Suppliers - Manufacturers

All manufacturers are very interested in you. What products you use. What problems you are having, etc. Some have ostomy nurses working for them that may be able to help you. Some have catalogs that they will be glad to send you. But most of all, they want you to use their products. Tell them what you would like, what you are presently using, and they will send you samples of their product for you to try.

STEALTH BELT - 1-843-810-127

Custom Designed Ostomy Support Belts are custom designed to provide excellent support, privacy and protection for people of all ages and sizes.



Manufacturer of DEVROM (internal deodorant) medicine as well as DevKo* (pouch deodorant), K-Gum*, CalcionPlus*, and ParSORB* Absorbent Gel Packets. (*TM) CONTACT US FOR SAMPLES, CATALOGS, & DEALERS


RCS COMPANY - 1-419-358-8003

Manufacturer of the world famous Stoma Cup and Ring Around the Rosie,an inexpensive alternative to various adhesive skin barriers.


C&S OSTOMY POUCH COVERS - 1-877-754-9913

Fashion, Comfort & Confidence Fashion, Comfort & Confidence are not words you would typically hear to describe ostomy products, but C&S Ostomy Pouch Covers is changing that! . Our mission is to make everyday...


KEM ENTERPRISES - 1-888-562-8802

Manufactures the Osto-EZ-Vent, an air-venting device:Colostomy and ileostomy patients can release gas pressure from any manufactures pouchconveniently and easily, releasing air before problems can occurs.

CYMED OSTOMY - 1-800-582-0707

Are you a physically active person? Then phone for a free sample of theMicroSkin pouch that stays on in even the most extraordinary situations. 


GENAIREX, INC - 1-877-726-4400

The Securi-T  Ostomy Product line from Genairex is designed as a quality product that is affordable . It looks, feels and wears like the leading brands, but is cost-effective for those who accept assignment or...