Charlotte County Ostomy Support Group

We are proud to be affiliated with the United Ostomy Associations of America, Inc.


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Site Last Updated: 6/9/2014

An ostomy refers to a surgically created opening in the body that allows for the discharge of bodily wastes. The need for an ostomy is most often caused by cancer, but can also be caused by ulcerated colitis, bladder problems, and other malfunctions of organs that normally discharge waste. Anyone - from infants to seniors - can have an ostomy. Occasionally, the ostomy can be reversed.

The Charlotte County Ostomy Group is a VERY ACTIVE group of people that have only one interest in mind. To not only help people with an ostomy, but also their spouses, caregivers and parents. There is usually someone else involved with the person with an ostomy and they should have the opportunity to meet and talk with other people in the same situation. This is what makes the Charlotte County Support Group so important to a lot of people.

We have product manufacturers at these meetings to show us what is available from them. We have dietitians talk at our meetings. Different types of doctors talk to us. ET nurses who specialize in ostomy care & problems are available. And the most important part of these meetings is the opportunity to have a rap session with people being in the same situation. When you talk to the members, you will find that they all have expressed many times the fact they would not have been able to get through this change in their lives without this support group.

We would truly like to have the opportunity to help you too. Or maybe there is something YOU DO that would help us. Remember, a Support Groups main purpose is to help each other. PLEASE JOIN US. If you have any questions, contact any officer.

We meet at 2 PM on the 2nd Tuesday of the month from September to May in the Town Hall or in Gables West on the 4th floor “card room” at South Port Square, 23023 Westchester Blvd. Charlotte Harbor, Florida.

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