Mail Order Suppliers

All mail-order suppliers are very interested in having you buy from them. They will handle all your paperwork. They will contact your doctor; file all the necessary billing to your insurance company(s). Most of them take all manufacturers’ products. Most of them will ship a three months supply. Some will send one month at a time if you need shipments that way. All of them are Medicare Approved. A few can handle Medicaid.

These suppliers will also keep track of discontinued products that could affect your needs.


Medical Care Products, Inc.

Phone: (800) 741-0110
  • Located in Jacksonville, FL
  • Family Owned
  • Serving customers for over 43 years.
  • Accepts Medicare, FL Medicaid, and Blue Cross of Florida

NR National Rehab
Phone: (800) 747-0711

Phone: (888) 202-5700
AARP Pharmacy
Phone: (800) 284-4788


  • Nationally accredited by Medicare to sell Ostomy and Urological supplies
  • Started in 2004 to provide quality Ostomy and Urological supplies to Medicare beneficiaries
  • Provides fast, accurate, and friendly service to customers
  • By specializing in only these products, they’ve become one of the industry leaders in Medicare-only supplies



Phone: (888) 844-2651
  • Accepting Medicare assignment
  • Always free shipping
  • Proud member of the UOAA



Phone: (888) 394-5375

Located in Twinsburg, OH

  • One of the leading providers of supplies direct to your home
  • Over 90 years of experience supplying customers easily, urgently, and accurately
  • Provides solutions in choosing and receiving the best and most appropriate products for the customer and their insurance
  • Advocates customers through the complexities of healthcare

  • Offers quality single-use disposable supplies
  • Provides supplies for Diabetes, Ostomy, Wound Care, Urology, Incontinence, Nutrition, and others
  • Recommends the right products that are covered by your insurance.