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President Downs has announced “Due to the Corona Virus restrictions, we will not have our April meeting. Having the meeting in May remains to be seen. Stay safe and healthy!”



Charlottte County Ostomy Support Group Newsletter for April 14, 2020

Happy Spring, Passover and Easter Everyone

I know with this coronavirus going around, that everyone is probably nervous about what will happen next. I think if we follow the guidelines given by the CDC we will be okay. It seems like there are so many bad things reported on the news. We have to look at the many good things that are also reported. There are many people and businesses coming together through social media to help others. People become inventive through times of need. Through an act of kindness from one person, many people may be helped. I hope and pray that everyone stays safe and healthy through this trying time.

Our speaker at the March meeting was Amanda Lee, A Florida Digestive Disease Specialist, American Academy Nurse Practitioner and fellow Ostomate. She introduced the new Smart Bag. Michael Seres of California is the founder of this product. This bag has sensors that will alert your I-Phone or I-Pad when there is a problem with the bag. It will alert you when there may be leakage, when the bag is getting full, or when there may be skin irritation. These smart bags may be covered by insurance. Amanda showed us a Gen 1 bag and stated that the company made a Gen 2 bag to correct the “hump” problem–too large of a sensor. The sensor fits into a special pouch on the bag. The Gen 2 bag has sensors that are inside the bag and barrier and are flatter and no hump is noted. A Gen 2 bag was passed around the room. Some people seemed to be very interested in this bag. The barrier also seemed to be a little larger around and Amanda stated that it holds well. The gen 2 bag is available for ileostomies, colostomies and urostomies. Amanda stated that the company has coaches that help with any questions or concerns people may have and are very helpful.

More information may be obtained on line at 11 Health.com

Person to contact is Karen Solis at karen@11health.com

I found the following page in the UOAA newsletter for this month. I thought it would be of interest for many of you. We have heard about this topic many times in the past, but it is always good to refresh our minds and it may help many people with new ostomies.

I thought this article was interesting and may help some of us get through the some difficult times.


By Elaine O’Rourke

With the increased and heightened attention on the coronavirus, it is naturally creating a lot of fear and anxiety. This fear not only affects the mind but also the body. Right now, you want to keep your immune system strong and focus on calming your mind and nervous system and of course use necessary precautions.

Proper Breathing, as well as other techniques, will help reduce cortisol levels (one of the stress hormones that can wreak havoc in your body) and helps promote the relaxation response in the body.

Deep focused breathing has so many benefits and there is a lot more science behind what the ancient yogi’s already knew. As a long time yoga teacher, I know firsthand how amazing proper breathing is. I credit it for helping me recover from surgeries much faster and for regaining strength. Wim Hof (the Iceman) has been instrumental in recent years for promoting the benefits through his method. Many scientific studies have been done on him proving that you can control the autonomic nervous system and immune response.

Elaine O’Rourke is the creator of the program “Surviving To Thriving: Overcoming Ostomy Challenges So You Can Live a FulFilling Life”. She is a certified Yoga Therapist & Teacher since 2003, Sound Healer, EFT & Reiki Practitioner, Recording Artist and International Retreat Leader. Her lighthearted and fun personality shines through her teachings/programs as she loves to inspire others. She is a contributing writer to the national Phoenix Magazine and UOAA, presenter at the UOAA National Conference and speaker at Girls with Guts retreat.

Web: www.elaineorourke.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ostomyibdlife/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/elaineorourkeyoga/

Email: Elaine@ElaineOrourke.com

Elaine has a great website and video if anyone is interested.


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