December 2018 Newsletter

5a28b4225ec432.6567782215126169943882 (1)Charlotte County Ostomy Support Group


A 501 (C) (3) nonprofit organization, (tax deductible donations)



President:  Jerry Downs……. 629-7568

                             Vice Pres…Bonnie Coker       423-8542

                                              Secretary:  Lovelle Meester….637-8167

                                                        Treasurer:  Lorelie Godbout….603-474-9063


Janice Creutzman;941-639-2370

   David Sandora…..941.828-1076


Newsletter:    Gloria Patmore & Karen Chalfant

Programs & Education: Jerry Downs, Penny Maki, RNET,CWS, 205-2620 Gloria Patmore, 627-9077

Nancy Frank RN,BSN,CWOCN, 629-5118,

Marie Michel RN,CWCA, CHRN,OMS, 941-626-2607

Visitation:  Nancy Frank BSN,CWOCN

Library:   Karen Chalfant


Professional Advisorskisspng-christmas-ornament-bombka-christmas-ball-5a9a10ce673f39.2091512515200462864229

John P. Rioux, MD, F.A.C.S.   Nancy Frank, RN,BSN,CWOCN   Marie Michel,RN,CWCA,CHRN,OMS

Christmas Party
Tuesday, December 11, 2018, 12:00 pm

Olympia Restaurant
3245 South Tamiami Trail Port Charlotte



Menu Choices 

Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce

Ham Steak with Pineapple Rings

Roast Sirloin of Beef AuJus

Greek Salad with Gyro Meat

Chicken Marsala with Pasta or Potatoes


As my niece has said, “Time goes by a fly.” Here we are ending another year. We are heading into 2019 already, and this very active support group is looking into 2019 with lots of plans and enthusiasm. I know you are happy you have become part of this active and loving support group where the answers to your questions are just waiting for your questions. If another ostomate doesn’t have the answer the professionals are always available. You can call the manufacturers, or check with our active working nurses Nancy Frank RN,BSN,CWOCN (941-629- 5118) or Marie Michel RN,CWCA, CHRN,OMS at 941-626-2607.

Our speaker at our November meeting was Valerie Miller from Convatec. Valerie is an RN and has been working with Convatec for over 20 years, and has had the pleasure of being in on the ground floor of the new developments that have come about through the years. She brings not just her knowledge to our meeting, but lots of enthusiasm. Since Valerie has known me through all this time, she was surprised that I don’t have an ostomy. For you newcomers, I will explain my involvement. My father had a colostomy at the very young age of 54 due to cancer of the rectum. His reaction when I told him was, “So I’m bass-ackwards”. Accepting change varies with individuals. They had none of the follow up that we have today with radiation and chemotherapy, and within five years it did metastasize, but he never allowed it to dictate to him what he could and could not do. Three weeks before his death he crawled under his rooming house in Beach Haven N.J. to turn on the water as he opened for another summer. The area dissected had just been the anus, and his colostomy was so well controlled he only needed a small dressing. Luckily for him, he didn’t need much because not much was available back in those days.holly-with-berries-md

All of you are individuals and deal with your stoma, recognizing it is a gift extending your life, and welcome help from others and from our speakers. I feel my involvement through the years
has given me much. You exhibit courage and welcome knowledge. Valerie was quick answering questions from the group, and there were many. They have a magazine “Me +” Spotlight Ted Vosk “Sometimes the best advice comes from someone who has already been where you are now. “Learn How to Manage your Mind” 5 Healthy nutrition Tips for people living with an ostomy “ Advice included in this handout: Focus on the little things. Pay attention to the little improvements every day and see yourself progress. One of the most important things to do after surgery is getting familiar with your body’s new
christmas-partycondition and embrace the change it has recently gone through.

“Eat Well: Live Well “ Eating well is a big part of living life on your own terms. The good news: having a stoma doesn’t have to stand in the way of enjoying good food. There are no set dietary rules for people living with stomas. It may just take a bit of time to find out what works for you. With an OK from your health care team, you can eat what you like. Me+ set #1 As Drink up. Hydration will always be an issue, so drink lots of water. For a little extra flavor add a slice of lemon.

Chew and Chew some more.

One great way to avoid blockages is to chew your food as well as possible.  Start slow and build up. Right out of surgery you may have been more sensitive to foods than
you will be six months later. Using trial and error you will find foods that work best for you. If you have had ileostomy surgery add high fiber foods very cautiously like raw fruits and veggies. Take your Vitamins, since they can be a great to supplement your diet. Consult your ostomy nurse or a dietitian to see if they are right for you.

Eat regularly and enjoy. Diets are different for everyone. Whether you eat three square meals a day or several smaller ones, find the diet rhythm that works for you. And don’t forget to love what you eat. Everyone has their own journey to walk after surgery.

Finding what keeps you going is essential to maintaining mental strength. Don’t be afraid to be you, and reach out to others that can walk your journey alongside you.

hockey-clipart-christmas-3Exercise: With any surgery, your muscles need time to heal and strengthen, and it might seem difficult to become active again. This can be overcome with gradual training and exercise. It is wise to not overdo, however. Our dear president, Jerry, did just that after his surgery and as a result suffered several hernias.

Find your limits then push yourself just a bit further each day. The constant adjusting of your goals will allow you to feel progress you’re making each day. Learn to comfortably place and secure your ostomy pouch. Walk around and get a feel for how your ostomy reacts to different movements. Move more and more each day, building up toward your desired level of exercise. Do anything you feel comfortable doing. This includes running, jogging, swimming, climbing, and skiing.

Esteem+ flex convex flexible drainable pouch conforms to body contours with a soft quiet fabric that offers comfort and protection. To request a sample of any Convatec product you can call 1-800-422-8811 M-F 8:30AM-7:00 pm EST

Optimal Ostomy Exercises: After ostomy surgery many people find these activities to be easier than others. But before starting any new exercise talk to your doctor to make sure you’re ready.

Core Muscle conditioning: Building back core stability and flexibility is important, as it makes exercises and routine activities easier. There are a few basic exercises that can get you started such as hip, upper body, and arm/leg extensions, pelvic tilts, and bridging.

Walking: Get your steps in. Walking is a simple and energizing way to exercise that can also reduce stress and constipation. When walking you can build up fitness at your own pace.

Swimming: Swimming works your whole body without putting strain or pressure on your stoma. Most ostomy pouching systems are water resistant, even for swimming. First, ensure your pouching system is securely in place. Then cover the vent on your deodorizing filter with a filter cover to prevent water from entering the pouch.


OstomySecrets is a full line of stylish and functional undergarments, swimwear and skin care designed to support your ostomy system. To order visit or call 1-877-613-6246.
Introducing Esteem + flex Convex: Moves with you: Flexible convexity fits to body contours for comfort and easy positioning. Skin Health and security: hydrocolloid skin barrier is designed to stay firmly in place, helping to minimize leakage. Comfort and discretion. With soft and quiet fabric designed to allow for a secure and comfortable experience.

Their catalog of products states:” We strive for excellence in all we do-anticipating and addressing our customer’s needs with advanced technologies and best-in-class products and services. “
Live experts are available by phone or e-mail for any questions you might have in any language you may need. Call at 1-800-422-8811 (M-F, 8:30AM-7:00PM EST)

Listed in their catalog: Ostomy Skin Care and accessory products
Two piece Ostomy Systems: Natura Products and sur-fit Natura: Skin Barriers, Convex inserts, and low-pressure adapter
Sur-Fir Natura pouches: These were developed to be noticeably more comfortable and more discreet. The filter has an anti-clogging film layer.
Soft and quiet materials. Invisi-close tail closure. Lock it pocket that securely hides away the tail giving the comfort of a closed pouch. These pouches combined with Convatec advanced skin barrier adhesives offer security, comfort, and discretion.

Also offered are drainable pouches with and without filters. These are transparent with 1 sided comfort panel. They are also offered opaque and closed-ended.
Natura accordion cut to fit convex barriers lift easily to allow for finger room so coupling is easy and comfortable. They are available in Durahesive and are compatible with a range of Natura products.

Esteem Synergy and 2 piece systems utilize an innovative Adhesive Coupling Technology that connects the pouch to the skin barrier and eliminates the need for plastic rings that need to be snapped together.

The Esteem Synergy ostomy system has a flat, flexible adhesive foam ring on the pouch that securely adheres to a clear, flat, flexible plastic “landing zone” flange on the skin barrier. Pouches come in closed and drainable and are offered in one piece both closed and drainable. Active Life Line offers one piece systems with skin barrier and pouch as one unit, for all ostomies. Wow! Have they got all bases covered??


Submitted by Gloria Patmore,RNET(Retired?)

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  1. Jerry, Bonnie, Gloria … Happy Holidays. Well the time has come for me to leave NJ and move where it is a tad warmer … so last week I bought a small house in Port Charlotte and will be moving in right before Christmas. I will try to attend your January meeting. I come not in any UOAA leadership capacity but as a friend to all ostomates.
    Have a joyous holiday season,
    Ken Aukett

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