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Charlotte County Ostomy Support Group

May Newsletter


A 501 (C) (3) nonprofit organization, (tax deductible donations)


President:  Jerry Downs……. 629-7568

Vice Pres…Bonnie Coker       423-8542

Secretary:  Lovelle Meester….637-8167

           Treasurer:  Lorelie Godbout….603-474-9063


Janice Creutzman;941-639-2370

   David Sandora…..941.828-1076


Newsletter:    Gloria Patmore

Programs & Education: Jerry Downs, Penny Maki, RNET,CWS, 205-2620 Gloria Patmore, 627-9077

Nancy Frank RN,BSN,CWOCN, 629-5118,

Marie Michel RN,CWCA, CHRN,OMS, 941-626-2607

Visitation:  Nancy Frank BSN,CWOCN

Library:  Lorelie Godbout

Professional Advisors

John P. Rioux, MD, F.A.C.S.   Nancy Frank, RN,BSN,CWOCN   Marie Michel,RN,CWCA,CHRN,OMS

We continue to have a good turnout at every meeting, and new people continue to find us. The internet is certainly a help providing information on our meeting place here in South Port Square, and the newspaper, The Charlotte Sun, in the “Feeling Fit” section, provides our information most Sundays, as well. I know new people attending find it a comfort to be able to talk with the persons who have been through the same things they are experiencing. When there is a problem you are coming to the right place to find the solution. We were so fortunate that Nancy Frank, WOCN was able to take time to be with us at this meeting. She is a very busy person with all her responsibilities of running the Wound Care and Hyperbaric Center of Fawcett Hospital, and helping with in patients in the Hospital itself too. Nancy is very dedicated to her profession, and we are so blessed having her skills available to us.

President Downs reported that our Vice President, Bonnie Coker, is in Fawcett Hospital’s rehabilitation Unit at this time. Progress is slow, but she is progressing.

New people attending this meeting were Peter McDonald, Marsha Lanpusar, Christi Dillmore. And Jack Dahrlperg. Three have ostomies, and one is scheduled to have one. It is always helpful to get information on an elective surgery.

I have been working with our support group in every capacity since 1985. It is great to be able to still feel useful at my age of 91. I was presented a pin from our President’s wife, Linda Downs, that is so very appreciated. It is a heart that has inscribed “Loving Hearts, Caring Hands”.
It is on a lovely card that reads “You’re always there for others, providing the best of care. You reassure and comfort with the nursing skills you share. You make a difference in everything you do. We’re thankful for a special person like you. THANK YOU.

This is so like Linda Downs, Jerry’s wife. Giving a pat on the back to those of us who have the pleasure of helping. My goodness! She is as much a part of our group as any of us. She answers many calls when Jerry is elsewhere, giving a willing ear and direction to callers, and is at every meeting helping. I know Jerry finds her a great help in every way. Electing Jerry got us a pair!

Speaking of elections, Next month, May, is election time. Our nomination committee didn’t find any new candidates willing to take on the job. Our present officers will continue. When the elections are held, additional candidates can be presented, wherever they are willing to serve.

Sitting at our chance drawing table I realized That 2 out of four officers are nurses. Lovelle Meester is the wife of an ostomate, Stan. She is a retired nurse. She does not have a stoma, but has served as secretary for many years.

Lorelie, our Treasurer, is also a Registered nurse, and is also a urostomate. Lorelie is taking on many jobs now. She sets out the signs directing people to the meeting place, both the building and then the room. She and Linda set out the minutes for everyone to review. Serving as treasurer she prepares the Treasurer’s report and handles all the banking for the group. For many years this was done by Karen Chalfant. Karen still keeps the membership lists up to date and prepares the envelopes and labels for members who are not on the internet. She is still there but behind the scenes.
Janice Creutzman, as a director, has been trying to recruit people to run for an office. Get in touch with her if you are interested in giving it a try.

Our speaker this month was from Coloplast. When I first earned my RNET in Harrisburg Pennsylvania I worked in a surgical supply store in New Jersey. I have fond memories of my experiences with this company. Hollister and Convatec were also doing research and development for their products at that time as well. What stands out in my memory was how reliable and simple the product was. This held true for their urostomy pouches. Just as they do today, they suggested the pouching system adhere directly to the skin. No need for skin prep. Keep it simple was always their advice. The same advice is true today.

Their products are manufactured in Sweden. I quote from their catalog: “We believe at Coloplast healthy skin is our purpose. Our mission, our course, and our promise. And we deliver our promise every day by focusing on three key areas: breadth, simplicity, and partnership.
The Coloplast story began back in 1954. “Our company reflects the passion, ambition, and commitment of the people that made it happen. Elsie Sorensen a nurse, invented the first disposable, self adhesive ostomy pouch, because she was determined to help her sister out of isolation. Aage Louis Hansen added his engineering ability and entrepreneurial drive and through strong commitment and resilience founded Coloplast.
For information contact 1-800-533-0464
“Think Again. Think Brava.” Your complete solution to address leakage and care for your skin. There are Elastic Barrier strips both straight and Y shaped. You can picture frame your barrier for additional security.

The Sensura Mio 1-piece pouching system includes the one piece pouching systems having simplicity in their approach. Make your opening to proper size for your stoma and then apply with the one piece. Be sure your skin is clean and dry. Pouches are gray in color being invisible under clothing. They feature a full circle filter to reduce ballooning. They feature flat and convex urostomy pouches. Although we hope all urostomies are made with a stoma that extrudes, this is not always the case, therefore a convex or even a deep convex barrier may be needed.
The SenSura comes in flat with esi-close wide outlets in sizes for most. Easi Close wide outlet is available on all drainable pouches.
The esiClose WIDE outlets offer a ½” wider integrated closure for fast emptying on the go.
There is a wide assortment of drainable pouches for the Ileostomate offering many choices. The closure is part of the pouch and nice and flat. Assura comes as a 1 piece light Maxi drainable, flat Maxi drainable, and flat Midi. They also come as convex light Maxi or Midi drainable. There also is Deep convex in Maxi or Midi pouches.
Assura flat comes in Maxi and Midi both transparent and opaque.
For the irrigating colostmate we have the light midi and the Assura stoma cap.
There are so many choices available!
There are choices available for single use kits.
Call 1-800-533-0464 to talk to a Coloplast rep.
1-888-726-7872 for a consumer care rep. They can help find the right product solution.
Coloplast Care Advisor 1-866-226-6362
Coloplast Care Program: This program provides individuals with Product samples, educational resources, and consumer care support. Visit http//

Wellness Education:
Self Care and Dietery guidelines for Colostomy, Ileostomy, or Uroostomy.
Ostomy Pouching Systems
Body Check tool
What to wear
Keeping your skin healthy
Ostomy Accessory Products
Getting into exercise
Tips for dining out
Tips for Traveling
Reach out and get connected
General Medicare Guidelines Related to the Ostomy
Pregnancy with an Ostomy
Call 1-800- 533 0464

Some things no one tells you about having an ostomy:

1) You are not alone. Your adjustment process may take time, and if you are experiencing discouragement visit our meetings, and talk about it. There are numerous ostomy blogs and websites dedicated to sharing stories and experiences, as well as tips on living with an ostomy and how to avoid common mishaps. Once you have settled into your routine, consider adding to these resources or reaching out to someone you may know is struggling with their new ostomy.
2) Your quality of life May improve!
Most ostomates are happy to find out that they are able to do everything that they were able to do before the surgery. There are exceptions however. Ask our president, Jerry. Jogging four miles is no place to start, or lifting heavy objects.
3) There are amazing products available for you.
4) It takes time to adjust- and that’s okay.
5) Diet: Most of the same rules apply. Add new foods gradually.

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